Worried about your weight?

Blood tests for weight loss and weight gain

Our range of blood tests will help identify possible causes for weight gain, weight loss, or why you may be unable to shift excess weight if you are trying to.

It can be really frustrating if you are exercising or dieting but not losing weight. This can be due to lots of factors, such as thyroid dysfunction or slow metabolism, hormone imbalance or vitamin deficiency.

You may also be experiencing unexplained weight loss or gain, which can be a result of thyroid dysfunction, Type 2 Diabetes, lack of sleep or insomnia, or depression caused by hormonal changes or external factors.

These possible causes can be checked with simple blood tests to identify your problem and provide recommendations on how to reduce your symptoms.

We recommend...

Thyroid Function blood test

A thyroid disorder or disease, often known as having a slow or fast metabolism, is a common cause of issues with managing weight loss or gain.

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