Diabetes (HbA1C) Blood Test


Are you experiencing these common Diabetes symptoms?

  • Increased need to urinate
  • Feeling thirsty
  • Getting up to pee in the night
  • Feeling very tired
  • Cuts or wounds taking longer to heal


Take a quick and simple Diabetes blood test at home or in our clinics to check your average blood glucose levels and identify whether you are at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, an illness which can take up to 10 years off your life if untreated.

More than 700 people die prematurely every week from Diabetes in the UK.

If you have diabetes, you’re twice as likely to have heart disease or a stroke than someone who doesn’t have diabetes—and more likely to have them at a younger age.


The only way to check if you have, or are at risk of, diabetes is with a blood test, like this one, which checks your long-term blood sugar levels.

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