Cancer Screening Blood Tests

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Goodbody Clinic Cancer Screening

1 in 2 people in the UK will develop cancer within their lifetime. 

It usually occurs when the genes in your cells mutate due to lifestyle, diet, age or exposure to chemicals or harmful UV rays.

Our Cancer Screening tests check a small blood sample to see whether there are any tumours in your body, and therefore whether you have cancer currently.

If you are concerned about having cancer, or just want a check up to make sure everything is ok, these tests are ideal for you.

Our Cancer Screening Blood Tests

Our range of Cancer screening blood tests check for a wide range of cancers.

Our popular Early Cancer Screening test checks for signs of up to 70 types of cancer, whilst our other tests check for more specific or individual cancers.

All of these blood tests can be completed in a local clinic or at your home, with results provided in 2-3 weeks.

TruCheck Early Cancer Screening

From £1199

70+ Biomarkers

Check for 70+ types of cancer and find out where the cancer originated for fast, effective treatment.

Female Cancer Screening

From £779

5 Biomarkers

Check for specific tumour cells in your blood, a sign that you have Breast, Ovarian, Womb,  Cervical or Endometrial Cancers in your body.

Bowel Cancer Screening

From £449

1 Biomarker

The earliest screening available in the UK to detect bowel cancer. Our test identifies tumour cells in your blood to ascertain whether you have bowel cancer.

Breast Cancer Screening

From £449

1 Biomarker

The earliest screening available in the UK to detect breast cancer with a blood test. Our test identifies tumour cells in your blood to ascertain whether you have breast cancer. 

Prostate Cancer Screening

From £449

1 Biomarker

More accurate than a PSA test, this blood test checks for Prostate Cancer tumour cells in your body, to ascertain whether you have prostate cancer.

How do the tests work?

The analysis process is very complex but in a nutshell, your blood sample is checked to look for tumour cells circulating in your blood.

When you have a solid tumour in your body, it sheds cells as it grows. These cells end up in your bloodstream and travel around your body.

In some instances they can also then form new tumours in other parts of your body, this is one of the ways that cancer spreads.

Our tests spot these cells if they are there with extreme accuracy, and we can even tell you what sort of tumour cells they are and where the cancer originated.

Effective from even the very earliest stages of cancer growth, this means you have the information you need to access effective, accurate treatment as quickly as possible.

Who should test and why?

Our tests can only be provided for customers aged 40 or over. 

They are ideal for keeping abreast of your health, understanding what is going on inside your body and allaying worries you may have about cancer.

Many customers have our tests as part of an annual health check, taking a test once a year to catch cancers as soon as possible. Early diagnosis leads to a much higher rate of survival, so the sooner you can find cancer, the more likely you are to survive it.

If you are already experiencing symptoms we highly recommend you visit your GP for testing.

If you have previously had cancer, or treatment for cancer, our tests may not be suitable for you due to the chemical changes that have already taken place in your body and the potential for this to affect the analysis of your sample.