Book your Blood Draw Appointment

Thank you for ordering your Goodbody blood test kit.

Now you need to arrange an appointment with a phlebotomist to take your blood sample.

Read the instructions below and then click the button to complete the booking process.

Booking your appointment

On the booking system, you will see a list of Superdrug clinic locations – you need to choose a location which has a test tube icon next to the name – this indicates that an on-site phlebotomy service is available.

If prompted, select Pre-paid venous sample collection from the list of appointment types available. Choose your preferred date and time, and complete the registration and booking process. In the confirmation email you receive, follow the link to confirm your booking and select Goodbody from the list of providers.

Attending your appointment

On the day of your appointment, make sure you are well hydrated and wearing a loose fitting or short sleeved top.

You must take your full kit box with you to the appointment. The phlebotomist will use the needle and vacutainers to take your sample.
You must also take and complete the Test Request Form and ensure it is signed both by you and by the phlebotomist.

Note: if your kit includes two vials, both must be filled.

Once you have your sample(s), the clinician will write your name, date of birth and date of appointment on each vial, then enclose them safely in the postal bag. Together you must check and complete the Test Request Form, ensuring your email address is correct – and put this in the bag too, before sealing it closed.

Returning your sample

You must post the bag in a Royal Mail Priority Postbox as soon as possible after the sample is taken, on the same day as your appointment.

Any delays in returning the sample may result in the sample degrading and the laboratory will be unable to test it – this can lead to incomplete results or a complete inability to test the sample.

Find your nearest Priority Postbox here.