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No matter what Goodbody blood test you are undertaking, we know that the thought of taking a blood sample can sometimes be a little daunting or tricky. Whether it’s an at-home finger prick test or an in-clinic blood sample being taken by one of our trained phlebotomists, we have some top tips on how to make taking your blood sample a little easier.

  1. Stay well hydrated
    Make sure you drink plenty of water before your in-clinic appointment or taking your blood sample at home. We are not expecting you to chug back litres of water but being well hydrated will aid your blood flow. There is also no need to fast before having your blood sample taken, so treat yourself to a hearty meal before your Goodbody Clinic blood test.
  2. Be comfortable
    Wear a loose fitting or short sleeved top, to allow easy access to your arm during your appointment, or when taking your sample at home. This will make the sample-taking process much easier and enable you to be as comfortable as possible. We also recommend taking a warm bath, shower or washing your hands in warm water for at least 30 seconds before having your blood sample taken. This will not only relax you, but greatly increase your blood flow.
  3. Feeling faint
    If you are not keen on needles, begin to feel faint or unwell during your in-clinic blood draw appointment, please alert your phlebotomist straight away. We want you to feel as at-ease as possible; your comfort and health is our priority. The Goodbody Clinic phlebotomist will be able to aid you accordingly if you feel poorly during your appointment. Alternatively, we recommend you asking a friend or family member to assist you during your at-home finger prick test, if you do not feel comfortable undertaking it yourself.

  4. Keep it fresh
    We recommend booking your appointment between Monday and Thursday, to ensure your sample is collected on time and you receive your blood test results as quickly as possible. To make sure you blood sample is as fresh as possible, we recommend arranging your appointment, or taking your sample at home, as close to the Royal Mail collection time as possible, if you can. This will ensure your sample is sent back to us on the same day as it is taken, reducing of the chances of your blood sample defecting.
  5. Return your sample ASAP
    If you are completing a Goodbody blood test at home, you must post your sample back to us as soon as possible after it has been taken, via a Royal Mail priority post box. You can check out priority post box collection times here:

To round up: Make sure your well hydrated and comfortable. If you feel unwell, alert someone straight away. Book your appointment or take your blood sample between Monday and Thursday and return your sample back to Goodbody Clinic on the same day as it is taken.

Any questions? Please call our Customer Service Team on 01225 444 144 or via our Contact Us page.